Capital Chapter

Capital Chapter

Helpline: 07833 427591 

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President – Dozer
Vice President – Hus
Sgt. at Arms – Wolverine
Secretary – H
Treasurer – Chuck

Capital Chapter holds monthly meetings on the last (or close to) Sunday of each month at venues around the M25 adjoining the M1/M3/M4/M40 network. Now that Coronavirus restrictions are being relaxed, face-to-face Chapter Meetings have resumed. Dates and venues for future meetings are shown below. For full details, times and directions please contact Capital Security on the Capital Executive Board.

22 August 2021: Rickmansworth, Herts
26 September 2021: Reading Berks
24 October 2021: Location TBC
28 November 2021: Location TBC
12 December 2021: Location TBC

During the pandemic B.A.C.A. Primaries maintained their promise to ‘be there’ day or night for our children. That means and continues to mean, should a child feel scared, need reassurance or simply want to talk outside of scheduled visits, B.A.C.A. Primaries are always there, ready to engage through telephone, text and contact apps. Now that our Primaries are able to resume face-to-face meetings, we continue to support our children through our physical presence 24x7x365.


Capital Chapter

Coalfields Chapter

Matlock, Derbyshire, UK

Chapter helpline: +44 78215 85563

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Brigantes Chapter (Temp)

Newcastle, great britain

Chapter helpline: +0300 030 2131

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Midland Chapter

Birmingham, England, West Midlands B2 2NJ

Chapter helpline: +44 07950 869309

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Praeses Chapter (Temp)

Lincoln, Great Britain

Chapter helpline: +07871304117

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Raedwald Chapter (Temp)

Raewald Chapter (Temp)
Sheffield, England
Helpline +44 07803 478 306
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Bikers Against Child Abuse Capital Chapter, Unit 8869
PO Box 7169, Poole, United Kingdom, BH15 9EL

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